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Spectre Biotech - Monitor and improve your brain.

Better Informed Care

Professionals working in neurology, psychiatry and rehabilitation, like us, are the only specialists that virtually never look at the organ they treat. We deduce!

Using only behavioral assessments and rehab leads to well-known biases and consequences.

Treatments and rehabilitation programs need to be tailored to individual brains, not clusters of symptoms.

Multifaceted impacts and benefits


With concrete numbers and tangible insights, physicians can be confident: their decisions are backed by data.

Informed decisions make good decisions, and therefore a higher care quality.


Spectre will allow you to track progress, spot trends, and evaluate the quality of your rehabilitation programs.

Don't progress blind and define the most personalized rehabilitation.


Having a clear picture of their evolution and progress leads to more confidence in their rehabilitation program and therapists.

More importantly, it will lower their apprehension and anxiety.

Rehabilitation center

Identify insights that lead to better decision-making, planning, strategies, and care plans.

Objective data leads to shorter resident time therefore increasing your center's profitability.

The Science Behind

Every bit of our method has been scientifically tested and published.

We make all of our scientific articles available for you.

Scientific collaborations are welcome: keeping a scientific research activity is one of our priorities.

Spectre Biotech - Monitor and improve your brain.
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